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iTacit is one of 2022’s best learning management systems, landing in the top ten for two of eLearning Industry’s awards.

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We’re thrilled that the iTacit platform is recognized as a top mobile LMS and compliance training LMS. eLearning Industry is a trusted and immediately-recognizable name in the learning and development sphere, and professionals in every industry visit it for reviews and recommendations on the daily.

eLearning Industry’s rankings focus on the breadth of features being offered, innovation, community reviews, customer support and more—all things that iTacit excels at.

iTacit’s accessibility, seamless mobile experience and fully-loaded employee platform set it apart from the rest this year when compared to the other LMS’s listed by eLearning Industry.

iTacit is the market leader for a platform that does it all for the digital workforce. Our LMS is at the core of everything we do, but we’re also the solution for internal comms, employee engagement and so much more.

Leading in these two award categories proves that by making a solution that adds value for every department, simplifies implementation and gives organizations a chance to ‘do it all’, we’re differentiating ourselves from the competition.

Teri Maltais

by Teri Maltais

With a passion for delivering the right message to the right audience, Teri is an experienced communications professional and Marketing Director for iTacit.