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Industry-leading employee and HR best practices aren’t limited to enterprise companies.

Case in point: Michelle Duffie and Wendy Trenholm are in Atlantic Canada leading the Lounsbury Group’s employees with the adoption of iTacit's workforce communications technology.


As Wendy, the Group’s HR Generalist, explains: “We operate across different industries. We have some staff who are in offices, but many others who can’t always have a laptop on hand. We can’t exclude anyone, so that’s where our jump to using iTacit comes in.”

Our technology is helping the Lounsbury Group’s Human Resources run their distributed workforce more efficiently. Managers and employees alike will be able to find that important resource or stay in tune with organizational communications.

“We’re improving how and where we reach everyone. It’s about saving time and making it all more efficient along the way,” adds Michelle Duffie, Human Resources Manager for the Lounsbury Group. “Technology is the way forward. Everything is changing significantly every year, and we’re looking forward to progressing our communications to the next level.”

For anyone not familiar with the 140-year-old group of companies, they’re a leader in the Atlantic provinces that’s upgrading its furniture retail, automotive dealerships and heavy truck locations to continue to provide outstanding service for customers and an excellent experience for its employees.

Luke Megarity, President and Chief Operations Officer of iTacit, states: “With the Lounsbury Group excelling in not just one, but several industries, there are so many ways to apply a digital solution like ours. Facilitating employee communication for them is very exciting for all of us.