Streamline your communication tools in the workplace.

The all-in-one solution to improve two-way internal communications without the challenges of missed emails within a secure, social hub.

Say goodbye to managing too many communications tools

iTacit has a full feature set and gives you everything you need in a comms app for your team.

Eliminate lost or ignored emails

With targeting, employees only get messages meant for them. Less spam = more attention to important communications.

Effectively communicate with desked and deskless workers alike

iTacit is designed to work seamlessly across mobile devices, tablets, and desktop.

Ensure critical comms get through with analytics

See what employee content performs, and use read receipts for critical communications.

Grow your business with confidence

Growing a business is challenging. iTacit is designed to easily scale right with you.

Control the security of sensitive company information

Emails and messages on individual devices are notoriously easy to access. Stay in control with iTacit.

Replace a patchwork quilt of communication tools in the workplace with one platform for all employees.

Introduce an internal communications platform that doesn’t skimp on features, and stop managing too many separate apps. Use social, video, intranet and two-way communication features to improve your employee experience. Integrate onboarding, systems processes such as reporting, and continued training all in one environment.

Workforce communication when it matters – like getting a message to the front-line.

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Target by groups, locations or job role

Today, it’s information overload for the average person. Reduce the noise and get their attention with communications targeted to each employee.  The segmentation and targeting options are endless, and the experience is tailored to the individual.

Form communications groups for projects

Target by job roles

Reach employees with messaging specific to their location or department

Mobile first design

Reach employees where they are with mobile-first design.

Justify an Employee App to Overcome Your Comms Challenges in 2021.

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Designed to work with both iOS or Android.

100% cross-platform with a browser-based interface.


Discover insights to reveal what works and what doesn’t.

Simple but robust analytics help you learn what is and isn’t working to engage your workforce.  See which posts are performing and which employee roles are most engaged.  Use this information to create a content experience that is meaningful for users.

For messages that absolutely must get through to individuals, use read receipts to track and then follow up to ensure understanding.

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Secure internal communications

Emails and messages on individual devices or through company social media pages are vulnerable to being seen by unintended audiences. Keep it secure with iTacit’s impenetrable platform and protect private information about how your business runs.

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Scaleable communication platform

You need your internal communications platform to deliver consistent performance whether it’s serving 100 employees, or 100,000. Our platform is cloud-based and is infinitely adaptable to add users and functionality. Take a tour of our modular platform →
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Headache-free support, guaranteed

We take customer service seriously. Our dedicated team will work with you to have you up and running reliably within 2 weeks. We do the heavy lifting to keep onboarding painless. 82% adoption rate after the first year. Read more in our customer stories →


Give your front-line the tools they need:

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