Connect your employees to everything work.

Your app for employee communications connects front-line teams and makes their workday easier. It’s the ultimate all-in-one solution for employees to be happy, well-skilled and efficient in their jobs.

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Reach your front-line with a single app for employee communications

Up to 75% of workforces are front-line or non-desk workers. For employers, it’s often an inefficient process to implement changes in protocol, track operations, manage HR tasks or get a critical communication message through to these remote teams.

An employee app can help companies improve their bottom line and engage the front-line – and it’s easier than you might think.

Fix Broken Communications

Improve secure, two-way communications without challenge of text or email. Workforce communication tools →

Train Staff & Automate HR Tasks

Offer a more interactive, functional alternative to your workforce training.

Up-skill staff with a built-in LMS →

Streamline Operational Processes

Digitize any process and any form with a mobile forms and workflows. Move to paperless form automation →

Branded employee platform

Your app, your way. 100% configurable.

Your employee app connects front-line employees and makes their workday easier. It’s the ultimate all-in-one solution for employees to be happy, well-skilled and efficient in their jobs.

They’ll want to put it on their home screen.

Create loyalty and trust for your company brand. Give employees an app they love, is useful for their role and makes them feel part of a bigger picture.

A single source of truth, under your brand.

Employees shouldn’t have to access multiple portals and third party sites to get through their day – especially your non-desk workers. Consolidate everything in a single app that employees can download directly from the app store.


Total control over every little detail.

You’ve got the power. The power to build forms, publish content, set-up roles and of course, schedule posts.

Decide how your content is shared, who can view and comment, all within a robust admin portal. Regardless of how complex your organization is, smart distribution and multi-tenant set-ups let you reach the right audience with the right message. 

Employee App admin portal

Seamless, cross-device user experience

No need to choose between an app or software: It’s both.

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A slick user experience that just works – like any other app on their home screen.

Web-based Access

Sessions are seamless across any device: Phone, tablet, or laptop.

Single Sign-on

Simplify user log-on with access management for employees.

Integration API

Works with the tools you already use for HRIS, cloud storage and more.

So, what you can do with an employee app? Well, just about anything you can think of.


Bite-sized micro-learning


Complete mobile forms


Share news, ideas, photos and videos


Send messages with read receipts


Relay critical communications instantly


Quick access to job-related resources


Find employees & send direct messages


Targeted surveys & pulse polls


Access links or business tools


Create social or interest groups


Automate HR docs & processes


Track compliance

See what an employee app can do for your front-line.


Get ready for a successful employee app launch.

From training to set-up, our onboarding team will ensure your employee app is a success. Need a quick launch? We can get your app up and running in 48 hours so that you can start connecting your employees.


Give your front-line the tools they need:

Ready to start communicating with your front-line teams?